Technician Apprenticeship Program Award

Program sponsored by MCI & Prevost


There is a newly created (2017) Technician Apprenticeship Program Award that is given to two deserving technicians (per year) currently doing their apprenticeships, each of whom will each get a full week, all expenses paid (except salary), of specialized training at either MCI’s or Prevost’s state-of-the-art training facilities. Accommodations, travel expenses, meals, etc. will all be covered by MCI or Prevost, and your technician will get the educational opportunity of a lifetime.

Each OMCA Coach Operator member can nominate one (just one per company please) of their best and brightest apprentice technicians. All we require is a letter from you making the case for why your technician deserves this opportunity. The training provided will be geared to the level of existing knowledge of your technician, so it can be either someone just starting out or just about to wrap up their apprenticeship. You also need to tell us whether your fleet uses MCI or Prevost equipment so we can ensure your technician gets the right training for the coaches that you use!
A selection panel of OMCA Coach Operators and representatives from MCI and Prevost will select from the nominated candidates and the successful candidates will be announced at the OMCA Annual Conference and Marketplace in November.

Prevost runs its technician school in February/March, and MCI has opportunities throughout the year. Successful applicants for the MCI Award will need to be able to travel to the US as the MCI training takes place in Louisville, KY so they will need a passport to be admissible into the US.

This is an excellent opportunity to help train the best and the brightest technicians and at the same time provide value to you as an OMCA member, helping you get better technician at the end of their apprenticeship!

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