What is OMCA?

The four essential and fundamental pillars of the OMCA brand values are:


OMCA Mission

To enhance the growth and viability of our members’ organizations, and the safety and quality of industry services through education, awareness, and advocacy.

OMCA Vision

OMCA is a member-driven organization that is an indispensable business partner with our members.

Statement on Policy

The Association values its reputation for integrity. It expects its Directors, Officers, and members to exercise the utmost good faith in their business relationships. Although customs and standards of ethics may vary in different business environments, honesty and integrity must characterize business activities. Results are not to be achieved at the cost of violation of laws or regulations, or through unscrupulous dealings. The objectives of the Association are to support a high standard of industry service to the traveling public and to develop and maintain representation with the Government on behalf of its members.

Laws and Regulations

The Association directs its board of Directors and Officers to strive for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in conducting the affairs of its business. In some instances, laws and regulations may be ambiguous and difficult to interpret. The management of the Association has access to legal advice and should seek such advice, as it is necessary, in complying with the observance of all laws and regulations.

Code of Ethics

CLICK HERE to view OMCA’s Code of Ethics and Statement of Policy on the Integrity of the Association.