Awards Scholarships

OMCA recognizes the work and achievements of established industry professionals, in addition to outstanding individuals who are working their way into the transportation and tourism industry. OMCA also takes pride in giving back to the community by supporting disadvantaged youth and helping to provide them opportunities to develop and enjoy the valuable experience of travel.

Every year OMCA presents a variety of awards to our members. These awards are presented each year at our Annual Marketplace to those who have made a significant contribution in their industry or for outstanding excellence in their category.

The Technicians Apprenticeship Program Award is given to two deserving technicians (per year) currently doing their apprenticeships, each of whom will each get a full week, all expenses paid (except salary), of specialized training at either MCI’s or Prevost’s state-of-the-art training facilities.  Accommodations, travel expenses, meals, and more will all be covered by MCI or Prevost, and the winning technicians will get the educational opportunity of a lifetime.