What Membership Type is for You?

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Bus operators, by definition, are private companies that own motor coaches and/or other passenger vehicles and perform a variety of transportation services such as charters, retail tours, scheduled service, sightseeing, local receptive operations, school bus, package express, and special operations.

Tour operators, by definition, organize and sell outbound (as opposed to local area) tours for groups and frequently book motor coaches for their groups.

Any organization that is an accommodation, attraction, food service provider, destination marketing organization, retailer or tour service provider. Tour service and Local Receptive Operators also fall into this Tourism Supplier Membership category.

Products & Services members, by definition, include companies that provide products and/or services OMCA operators. Examples include, but are not limited to: Insurance, Marketing & Communications, Online Travel-Booking/Internet Service, Promotional Products, Ticket Company, Security Service-Equipment, Consultant, Drug/Alcohol Screening, Legal Service, Maintenance & Repair, Bus Refurbishing/Remanufacturing/Upholsterer, Seating Manufacturer, Tires, Uniforms, Oil & Gas Company, Fuel, Brakes, Bus Dealer, Bus Part Distributor, Chemicals, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Electronics, Engines, Fleet Graphics & Vehicle Wraps, Glass/Mirrors/Windows, Paint, etc.

How Membership Benefits You


Build your business with face-to face appointments and networking opportunities at annual events. Develop important contacts and business relationships as OMCA serves as your industry conduit to tour operators, bus operators and suppliers across North America.


Keep up to date with travel- and tour-related information, the most current industry regulations and expert advice that will help you get the most out of your business. Save time and hassle by letting OMCA do the industry research and source what’s relevant so you can concentrate on your business.


Benefit from industry representation as OMCA advocates and promotes the motor coach travel industry by discussing relevant government issues.


Benefit from instruction, training, skills development and education through our informative seminars, webinars and other educational opportunities.


Access and download contact information of all key industry players in our convenient OMCA Membership Directory.


For decades, OMCA has been a strong community of like-minded members who are experienced, talented, helpful, and have a shared loved of the group travel industry. Members are encouraged to reach out to their OMCA peers for help or advice, whether it's one of OMCA's councils, board members, or simply a local member that might have insight on a specific topic. The sense of camaraderie and community found at OMCA is what makes our membership and events invaluable.


OMCA’s website includes a “Find a Bus Operator” tool on our homepage and on our “How to Charter a Coach” page. This tool pulls from current member companies.

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