OMCA Silent Auction

Proceeds from the OMCA Silent Auction go to the OMCA Development Fund, which supports the group tourism industry in multiple ways – from research and data collection to helping underprivileged students join their peers on a school trip and much more.

Bidding will be live from November 13th – December 17th.

To access the online auction, go to

All bidders will need to create an account with in order to participate.

Benefits of Donating a Silent Auction Item

Supporting the OMCA Silent Auction is one of the best ways to invest in your business, the industry, and the tourism community. All items will be available for bidding online during the OMCA conference – even those not able to attend will still be able to participate. This auction is entirely online and will be viewed by all OMCA members, not just those attending Marketplace. Bidding will be open from November 13th to December 17th.

High-value gifts (electronics, luggage, jewelry, etc.) and vacation packages are the donations that draw the most attention. What better way to draw the attention of OMCA Members to all that your destination has to offer or wow your target market with an eye-catching gift?

Ready to donate? Follow these steps:

NOTE: Any items donated will be shipped directly to the winning bidder after the auction has closed. DO NOT SHIP ITEMS TO OMCA!

The deadline to donate is November 10th.

  1. Go to
  2. Log into your existing account, or create an account with Bidding For Good
  3. Provide Donor information – these are the details that will receive recognition from bidders.
  4. Provide contact information – this information is used by OMCA to connect you with your winning bidder after the event.
  5. Provide details about the item you are donating
    • Use a name and description that will intice OMCA’s bidders to look at your item closer and hopefully place a bid. Provide as many details as possible in the description.
    • ITEMS ARE SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO THE WINNING BIDDER at the expense of the donor. Keep that in mind when deciding what items to donate.
  6. Add AMAZING Images
    • High-quality images that do an excellent job of enticing the bidders to look at your donation more closely will not only gain more attention on your brand, but also increase the number of bids on your item.
  7. For Delivery Information, select “This item will be sent directly to the winning bidder”. This is the only option available for this auction, and any other options will be corrected before posting.