MyOMCA Event Portal

The MyOMCA portal is the full access tool for all registered delegates to:

  • Review and update their company profiles
  • Research the buyers/sellers in attendance
  • Submit requests for appointments (November 6th-17th)
  • View their final schedule of appointments and manually schedule additional appointments (November 27th)

Appointment Schedules are Published November 27th

Below are descriptions of each tab in the MyOMCA portal to help delegates get the most out of their Marketplace experience.

Update Personal Contact Info
In this tab, review and update your personal information profile. This is the information that other OMCA delegates will access to know how to contact the registered representative for your company directly.

Update Company Contact Info
In this tab, review and update your company profile. This is the basic information on the location of your organization.

Update Marketing Profile
In this tab, carefully review the marketing profile for your organization. This is the profile information that will be available through the Company Directory feature. It is especially important for this information to be up to date as it provides the details that other delegates use to decide if they wish to request an appointment. Given the multitude of changes that this industry has endured throughout the pandemic, it is most important to review this profile rather than keeping outdated information.

An inaccurate or outdated profile could either prevent you from meeting with a potential business partner because they do not see you as a match for their business or vice versa, you could have an unproductive appointment with a delegate whose needs/services are not a match with yours.  

Company Directory
Use this search portal to find other delegates that have registered to attend the 2022 Marketplace. You can search as broadly or specifically as you like – see below.

  • The broadest search:
    Leave all search criteria blank and click on Execute Search. This will result in a full list of all delegates registered for the event.
  • More specific search:
    Select general criteria, such as Registration Type or the province/state you wish to search in. For example, if you highlight the registration type Buyer and click on Execute Search, the results will be all buyers/tour operators registered so far for this event.
  • Most specific search:
    Once you select a registration type (eg. Attraction), you can specify your preferred criteria from the marketing profile. For example, you can search for an Attraction that operates in the winter season in the state of Pennsylvania. All attractions registered for this event that have winter selected in the ‘Season of Operation’ question and Pennsylvania selected in the U.S. Regions of Operation question will show up on your list of results. If there are no companies listed from your search, that means that there are no registered organizations that match your search criteria.

Upload Profile Resource
This is your chance to upload additional information about your organization. Buyers will no longer have binders for your 8.5×11 handouts, so this is where you can upload profiles, images, brochures, and any information that may help the businesses you are meeting with at Marketplace find out more details about your services. These images can be added or removed at any point and will be available for other delegates to view and download until after the virtual appointments.

Acceptable types of uploads include:

  • Profile image (JPEG or PNG no larger than 200KB)
    • Your uploaded profile image will appear at the top of your company listing. A logo is a very appropriate image to have here.
  • Promotional images (JPEG or PNG no larger than 4MB)
  • PDFs, PowerPoints, or Excel files that provide additional details about what your organization has to offer (No larger than 4MB)