Letters to Government

Ontario Motor Coach Assn. and it’s federal counterpart, Motor Coach Canada, have been actively voicing the concerns of the motor coach industry. Below are the recent and active letters to Government officials seeking their support.

Letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford

OMCA, with the support of its members, have pressed the Ontario government with a specific ask that can help our decimated industry survive through to the end of the pandemic. Please read about our Premier Letter Writing Campaign and get involved!

Letter to Minister MacLeod – Dec. 11, 2020

On December 11th, 2020, OMCA wrote a letter to the Minister MacLeod, the provincial Minister of Tourism, seeking $1 million of the $4.4 million earmarked for tourism to be dedicated specifically to motor coach and group travel and tour operators in Ontario. Read the letter below:

MCC letter to Minister Freeland – Dec.9, 2020

Motor Coach Canada (MCC) has written a follow up letter to the federal Minister of Finance, Minister Freeland, seeking grant funding for coach operators of $39,500 per coach. Read the letter below:

MCC submission to CTA – Dec.9, 2020

In June, some elements of the ATPDR (Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations) were slated to come into force and MCC was successful in obtaining an exemption on three requirements contained the in ATPDR. The exemption is specifically related to 1) website updates 2) on board entertainment and 3) staff training and related reporting requirements.

The exemption expires in January, as such Motor Coach Canada (MCC) has written to the Canadian Transportation Agency seeking an ongoing extension to the exemption. Read the letter below: