OMCA Marketing Tools

Below are materials created by OMCA and it’s partners to promote the protection efforts of the industry and reinforce the safety of travelling by bus in a COVID world. Members and industry partners are encouraged to use these tools freely and widely to promote the safety protocols they are taking to prevent the spread of COVID during bus travel.

All materials are available here in both English and French.

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Safety Protocol Video

The video showcasing the safety protocols used by motor coach and tour operators is available on YouTube through the link below. If you need the original MP4 file, members can contact Radonic+ Travel & Tourism Marketing to obtain a copy.

YouTube link (english):

YouTube link (french):

Social Media Post

This post is intended to draw awareness to the protection measures that your company is taking. Your online post should include a link to more information about these measures, either on your website or ours.

Informational Flyer

This flyer can be used as handouts for clientele to aid their concerns about COVID safety while traveling.

Informational E-blast

This E-blast can be sent to your list of clients and partners to spread awareness about the safety precautions that the motor coach and group tour industry are taking to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Please abide by CASL laws when sending unsolicited bulk emails.,